Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What is love?

What is love? Who create that love? Who invent that love? Why we can't destroy love? How it is worthy for people? How is it making trouble for people?

I wanted to know these questions that I wrote above. I don't want to know at this moment. Moreover, I don't need to know about that. I don't have any reasons to know about what is the meaning and definition of love from others. Do you know why?

I found that what was love. The main theme of love was understanding and how much you fulfill for your love. For my love, I would fulfill what's my love wants. Love was very strange for me. I haven't created it. To be honest, I've tried to destroy it for many times. Because, as I am a stupid person, I don't anyone to shape my love, my life, my living style, my kindly heart, my bad habit. It is very funny, i couldn't prevent it.

When I knew it, love was in my heart, my love was shaped, my living style was changed, my heart was occupied, my bad habit was adjusted. However all were changed to positive. But I didn't feel negative for my changes. No Wonder! It was nothing. It was Power of Love.

The best and most beautiful thing in the world it can't be seen or even touched but it can only be felt with heart.