Friday, February 9, 2007

Some pieces of my blog

Let me tell some pieces of my blog to you and how it started up.

Five years ago, I knew nothing about internet, blog, wordpress and web site. I had never used the internet for anything! I didn't know what internet was. But one day I had a chance to use the internet but nothing more than checking e-mail surfing and chatting to my frineds and I could do only that. A few weeks later I discovered a blog. After surfing from one to another (Wow!…..blogs tend to link up to other blogs a lot) for a few hours I was hooked and wanted to start my own. I found that there were many free blog services that anyone could set up in a matter of minutes.

Really it is very simple. Literally millions of people blog from around the world. Its not just something for people with their own computers - anyone with access to a computer and the internet once or twice a week can start up.