Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A proposal for the internet rights charter

  1. The right to access to infrastructure irrespective of where you live
  2. The right to the skills, knowledge and skills enable people to use and shape the internet to meet their needs
  3. The right to free and open source software
  4. The right to equal access for men and women.
  5. The right to access and create content that is culturally and linguistically diverse
  6. The right to engage in online protest
  7. The right to access to knowledge
  8. The right to freedom of information
  9. The right to access publicly funded information.
  10. The right to freedom from surveillance
  11. The right to use encryption
  12. The right to multilateral democratic oversight of the internet
  13. The right to transparency and accessibility of the internet legislative body
  14. The right to a decentralized, collaborative and interoperable internet
  15. The right to rights protection, awareness and education
  16. The right to recourse when rights are violated.
  17. The right to interfaces, content and applications accessible to all (“inclusive design”)
More detail and full text :-) here we go